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Finance Funding Sources

There are two funding sources available to Pacificans outside of the annual budget process.

Contingency Fund

Funds made available for unanticipated or immediate action from the operating budget. Only committees may apply as long as it is in line with their mandate. Committees may apply at any time using the PDF below.

Pacifica Improvement Fund

Intended to fill a gap between expenses covered in the annual operating budget and the capital reserves fund for projects that improve Pacifica. Applications may be submitted by an individual or a committee when a round of funding is announced (typically 1-2 times per year).
Projects involving unanticipated, necessary investments in long-term, capital resources (infrastructure-type items that last longer than 5 years) are funded through our “unanticipated capital reserve” budget line item. Finance, the capital reserves manager, and B&G typically work together to decide if this path is appropriate.
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