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Community Meetings

About community meetings

Generally, HOA meetings are held monthly, according to a schedule proposed by the Officers. Article VI of the Bylaws provides details on how a meeting may be cancelled or how a special meeting may be scheduled.

Monthly HOA meetings provide an opportunity to discuss issues of interest to members of the community. A typical meeting may include announcements, proposals for consideration by the community, discussion of issues, community decisions made by consensus that establish policies and procedures for operating the HOA (unless otherwise prescribed by the Bylaws), and topics for upcoming meetings. The Facilitation Committee provides one or more facilitators to guide the meetings.

These meetings are posted on the Events calendar.

Annual meeting

The annual meeting occurs in November, primarily for the purpose of approving the HOA budget for the coming year. Amendments to the Bylaws can also be proposed and approved at the annual meeting. Officers of the HOA are elected at the first regular meeting of the Directors after the annual meeting.


The current Bylaws state that One-third (1/3) of the number of the Board of Directors who are considered active Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. 

However, during the November 2013 annual meeting, Directors (meaning all homeowners) approved a proposal to the effect that since it appears that about 30 households are active by virtue of attending HOA meetings on a semi-regular basis, 10 households constitutes a quorum.

Decision making

We use Consensus as a cooperative method to make decisions, working together to find the best possible solution based on what is good for the group as a whole, not the individual.

In this situation, disagreement can be good. Once a conflicting opinion arises, it leads to discussion, and then to the growth of a better thought-out, more widely accepted solution. It takes time and energy for decisions to be made though the consensus model.

If we are unable to reach consensus after thorough and sufficient discussion, we do have the option of a super majority vote.

For more vital information about our decision making process, read here.

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