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HOA Dues

About HOA dues

HOA dues cover several types of expenses:

  1. annual operating expenses, such as for utilities and insurance for the common house and for carrying out the work of all of the committees, including maintenance of common areas and community buildings; and 
  2. a capital reserve fund, to cover the cost of replacement and major maintenance of buildings, including everything in the common house and guest house, fences, lights, pathways, roofs, siding (e.g., painting every 7 years), bike sheds.

Dues are billed monthly and can be paid by check in the HOA lockbox to the right of the bulletin boards in the Common House. You can also request that your bank send a check each month to the Pacifica HOA.

Late payments

Dues are to be paid within 15 days of receiving the statements. Interest begins on unpaid balances that are 30 days past due (that is, 45 days after the statement is received).

The late fee is 1.5% of unpaid balance at that time (more than 30 days past due).

About our water bill

Pacifica HOA purchases water from OWASA for the community as a whole, which costs less per household than if we were to have individual meters and water bills. The HOA charges a base connection fee and then allots 1200 gallons per person.

The water bills fluctuate a bit depending on overall community usage. We also adjust it slightly when more water is used for gardening in the summer, by specific households. But the per-person model seems to be the most fair way to do it.

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