9/30/23 – Convenor hand-off me…

9/30/23 – Convenor hand-off meeting notes (from Al to Deb)

Resident parking
  • 72 spots, not including visitor spots
  • 4 are handicap
  • 1 isĀ  EV spot
  • 65 resident cars currently at Pacifica
  • # visitor spots???
Permission for vehicle use of pedestrian path
maybe create a request form?
PaintingĀ – best done in fall or spring
expertise – Al, Jennifer, Leenie
supplies in attic – line stencils, reserved stencils, number stencil set, rollers, spray paint, asphalt paint
  • need to purchase smaller “reserved” stencil for parking stops
  • need grey spray paint to cover incorrect marking on parking stops
  • frequency?
  • supplies sourcing?
  • cost?
  • add inventory list, photos of equipment/supplies in attic
3 more in attic, but I (Deb) didn’t lay eyes on them
Possible items to address
  • Bike parking policy (Tam)
  • EV parking policy (Philip)
  • Electric bike/scooter parking
  • Loading zone for delivery people
  • Not enforcing current parking policy ($)
    • concerning if we run out of parking spaces
    • may not address vehicles parked/unmoved for long periods
    • may not specifically address illegal parking (handicapped spaces)
  • Adds to Pacifica website
    • table of # cars, drivers in households
    • assigned parking map?
  • Set times to refresh paint?
  • Set time to update tables on website?
  • Orientation document for conveners

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