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What can we recycle at Pacifica

We currently offer a sustainable ways to recycle and compost a wide variety of scraps and waste, including:

  • Corrugated Cardboard (and greasy pizza boxes)
  • Scrap metal
  • Electronics/computers
  • Batteries
  • CFL and LED lightbulbs
  • Clean plastic bags and bubble wrap
  • Ink cartridges
  • Plant-based food scraps
  • Meat, Fish, and Bones (Green Cone)
  • Glass recycling
  • (Single stream recycling bins are handled by B&G)

What can we put in the Blue recycling bins?

Refer to the OC guide for the latest list of accepted items.

Orange County Recycling Guide

Flyers for common items are posted at the 3 trash areas.

Various recycling receptacles within Pacifica

Collectable Location
Brown plastic container in the Common House mail room 
Blue carts by CH kitchen door—greasy cardboard in the small blue bin
Junk mail
Big blue bins in CH mail room
Scrap metal
Black trash bin in enclosure near traffic circle
Small electronics
Designated box in CH mail room
Composting/food waste
Multiple sites throughout Pacifica

What can't be recycled?

Some plastics are no longer accepted, like #1 & #6 plastic containers (salad, berry, and ‘clamshell’ containers). Please re-consider purchasing products sold in non-recyclable containers.

Shredded Paper is not accepted by for recycling. If you shred it yourself, it must be placed in the trash. You can have it shredded for you, for free, at the county’s semi-annual Shred-A-Thons (March and October) or by appointment in downtown Chapel Hill.

Furniture / Mattresses

If you have a nice piece of furniture that can be recycled or given away, you can listserv it or take it to a thrift store. 

Mattresses cannot be recycled. Contact the Town of Carrboro for mattress removal. It costs $7 to be paid at Town Hall to have a mattress picked up. TVs and couches also can be picked by by the Town for a fee.

Dog Poo Bins

When possible, please place your tied-off dog poo bags into the bright yellow bins at the trash areas by the patio and the roundabout. These were started to prevent dog poo bags from getting squished open at the bottom of the large carts. Please tie off full trash bags and replace them with a fresh one located at the bottom of the bin.

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