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Who composts at Pacifica?

Much of the composting at Pacifica is run by the Sustainablity committee, although some Pacificans manage their own bins. The Gardens committee runs a compost pile for garden waste inside the South Garden.

This page focuses on the Sustainability-run bins.

Where to take your compost

You can drop off scraps at the metal cans at:

  • the compost area behind the southside trash area
  • the patio trash area
  • the clotheslines on the east side
  • the end of the northwest path

Please remember to tightly close the drop-off bins to deter critters.

What is composted at Pacifica?

The smaller metal can accepts citrus, pineapple, and salty foods (which can hurt our worms).

The larger can at each site takes most plant-based food waste, including:

  • vegetables and fruits
  • grains and pasta
  • coffee grounds (and paper filters)
  • nut and egg shells

Egg shells should be crushed and larger vegetable pieces of scraps should be cut into slices of approximately 1 cubic inch.

Please do NOT add dairy, meat, pet waste, yard waste, or substantial amounts of oil. We cannot process plastics that are ‘compostable’ — they require hot composting on a larger scale. The Carrboro Farmers Market will accept those plastics.

How do I use the Garden compost?

Bins for multiple stages of composting are located at the far end of the South Garden. New material should always go in the leftmost bin.

Please do not put kitchen scraps in the garden compost.

How do I get finished compost? What if there's a problem?

Our scraps are turned into vermicompost, a highly valued soil amendment. Finished compost is free to all Pacificans, not just food scrap donors. If none is available, or there is an issue, reach out to the Compost team or the convener of Sustainability Committee.

Our neighborhood vermicomposting program is one of the few, if not the only, one in the country.

Still have questions about composting?

You should get in touch with the group that runs each program.

РGarden compost: Philip (and the Gardens committee)
– Vermicompost: A member of the Compost team.

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