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Movie night

Host a movie

If you want to share a movie with the community in the Common House, you may check out Pacifica’s Projector kit. 

This is located in the locked cabinet under the serving bar in the Common House. The key is in the kitchen closet.

The kit has 2 bags: 1 for the Epson projector and the other contains a Roku 2, various cables, and a power strip. The Roku will automatically connect wirelessly to the Pacifica web when it’s in the Common House.

How to setup the projector

You can setup the projector to play a DVD without needing the Roku or any WiFi setup. 

This guide will assist you with setup steps. If you want more details about how the projector works, click on the link below to view the user guide.

Online User Guide  

Projector connections

  1. Remove the Projector and place on table (so the lens is facing the projector screen).
  2. Connect the power cord that is in the side pocket of its bag into the back of the unit and plug into the power strip. (see image below)
  3. Insert your DVD into the slot in front of the unit.
  4. Make sure the lens cap is Open. If not, slide the lever to the open position. This is at the front of the projector.


    From the top of the projector:

    1. Press the Power button to turn it on.
    2. Press the Source Search button until you select the DVD option. You’ll know you have it when you see the movie’s menu projecting onto the screen.

Using the Roku

The Roku must be connected to the wireless network (Pacifica in the Common House) in order to deliver content.

Streaming apps like Netflix may be on the Roku now. However you might have to log in with your active Netflix credentials to access content. Pacifica does not subscribe to streaming services (like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc.) so it’s up to you to find someone who is willing to share access/login information.

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