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Organize a Community Meal

Any neighbor is welcome at any time to organize a social event!
Check the Common House calendar to see if the kitchen or indoor common space is available for the date you want to host an event, and to be sure it does not conflict with another event or an HOA meeting.
Reserve the Common House through the website for your event.
Email the Community Life team to let them know your plan; they will also help guide you in organizing the event (setup and cleanup) and other details like announcing the event on the community listserv.
 They will also add the event to the Events calendar.
If you want people to sign up in advance (such as for a meal), place a sign-up sheet in the Common House mailroom area. 

Bringing food / drink to a potluck

Bring anything you wish. Pacificans follow many different dietary restrictions, so it is helpful to label your food as vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc. 

It is also fine to bring alcohol to an event at Pacifica unless the organizer has stated it is specifically an alcohol-free event.




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