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How to make changes to your house

Making exterior changes to your house

You can make changes, however exterior changes must be approved by the Architectural committee. For example, adding a deck/porch will require filling in documents and getting sign-off from your neighbors before submitting the request to the committee. You can find and download these forms from their group page and email to XXXX

In addition, modifications to the exterior of your house are governed by the Master Covenants – please contact the Architectural Review Committee if you are considering external modifications.

Painting the exterior of your house

The HOA is responsible for painting the outside of the houses at Pacifica. All the houses are repainted at the same time every 7 years. When repainting happens, you can choose to keep your house the same color, or have the color changed for a fee.

What is the HOA responsible for?

In general, the HOA is responsible for the exterior of homes – roof, siding, gutters. Homeowners are responsible for materials and equipment inside their homes, including all appliances, woodwork, plumbing, electrical, heating and AC, etc.

However, there are a number of gray areas involved in what is considered common areas covered by the HOA versus by the homeowner; e.g., windows, exterior doors, concrete pads and patios, and wood porches are the homeowners’ responsibility according to the Master Covenants. When in doubt, contact the BnG Committee and also review the Master Covenants, sections 2.10 and 2.11.

What is the Homeowner responsible for?

The inside of the house is the responsibility of the homeowner. For example (and this is a very small list), interior painting; furnishings; appliances; smoke alarms; adding additional insulation or add planks to make attics more usable at your own discretion.

Homeowners should NOT make any modifications that would affect roofing or siding.

If you think a water leak may be related to either roofing or siding, please contact contact the BnG Committee. Leaks in plumbing are the responsibility of the homeowner.


Outdoor lights

The HOA is responsible for maintaining outdoor lights along the pathways and around the Common House and Guest House.

Homeowners can add their own outdoor lights along their own pathways leading to their entrances, with the general proviso that Pacifica has a goal of low-intensity lighting throughout the community.

Stairs and Decks

The HOA is responsible for cleaning and staining the stairs and decks of the Common House, currently on a 3-year schedule.

According to the Master Convenants, each homeowner is responsible for the general upkeep of the area adjacent to their unit, including stairs, patios and decks.

The HOA is responsible for maintenance and repair, which is a higher level of care and in the case of the stairs means cleaning and staining.

Reporting maintenance issues

If there is maintenance work you know needs to be done, please check the Trello board to see if it is being tracked already
If it is not yet being tracked, please fill out this form.
Filling out that form will make a card on the Trello board, and ensure Buildings and Grounds have all the information needed to work on an issue. 
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