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Mail room

Mail boxes

US Postal Service delivers mail to our Common House. Tanya keeps the master keys to mailboxes as well as copies of the CH and GH keys.

Parcels are left in the ‘P’ boxes in the row right under the regular mailboxes, and a key to the ‘P’ box will be left in your household’s mail box.


Each household has a cubby located in the Common House; HOA bills and other important information is placed there.

Donation shelf

You can place small items (clothing, magazines, household objects) on the give-away shelf in the Mail room. If your item is still there in a week or so, take it elsewhere (such as the PTA Thrift Shop). If you have a large item to give away, you can email the listserv.

Donation etiquette

  1. Is it broken, dirty, stained, torn, missing parts?
    1. Trash or recycle please.
  2. Does not fit easily on the shelf or is shelf overflowing?
    1. Consider sending out an email that it’s on your porch for the taking
  3. Has it been sitting here for over a week?
    1. Dispose of it in another way, please.
  4. Is it something that we don’t want our kids getting into?
    1. Put it up high, on the top of the cubbies by the door.

Using the bulletin boards

The bulletin and white boards in the Mail room are periodically refreshed with new information. Pacificans may add to them. If you have questions send an email to the Common House team.

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