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Laundry room

About the Laundry room

The community laundry provides three gas dryers, and four HE washers, at a current cost of $1.50 per load.  

Please sign-up and record your information. This is billed monthly with HOA dues.

Laundry etiquette

Guidelines for use are posted in the Community Laundry room. We must use specially formulated HE laundry detergent to avoid damaging the washers; liquid creates fewer problems than powdered.

Some users have allergies to scented products and dryer sheets; please don’t use them in community machines.

Please remember this is a high-use facility in Pacifica and it is very important that policies be followed by everyone out of respect for each other and for the proper maintenance of the equipment.

Have laundry questions?

Send an email to the Laundry team to help with any questions.

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