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Garden space

Assigned plots

Gardens in both the South and the Kitchen gardens are assigned. The most up-to-date assignment map can be found on the Mail Room cork board.

How to reserve a garden space

Garden plots are assigned at the start of each new year. In the early spring an email is sent to the listserv to let the community know when it is time to request garden space, and a sign-up sheet is posted on the Mail Room cork board.

Have questions? Email the Gardens team.

Garden covenant

Read the mandate and download/sign the covenant if you wish to participate in an assigned gardening spot.

Garden etiquette

Most items in the gardens belong to individual people, so do not eat anything without asking first.

Keep your beds and the areas around your beds weeded. You can place weeds from the South garden in the cement compost bins within the garden. Individuals are responsible for building raised beds, if preferred. We do not use pesticides or herbicides in the gardens. If you have extra produce, please share it with neighbors.

Get involved

If you are a gardener and wish to get emails from the Gardens team, join the group and get involved.

How to winterize the South Garden pump

Part 1: Disconnect garden hoses, open all valves, open valves on the fan spray nozzles.

Part 2 pump box: open box w Philips screwdriver, using channel lock pliers/vise grips, open the white union connections, remove the transparent pump filter basket. Water will drain out of pipes.

Part 3:  At the cistern, turn the white valve with black handle (at base of tank near ground level to off position (perpendicular to pipe flow) carefully. This will take some strength. The valve is old, sticky and the plastic valve material is brittle.

Part 4: Disconnect the white pipe union below the shutoff valve.

Part 5: Then, turn on the pump switch and run the pump till it stops pumping / spitting water (water will be spilling out of the box, as the unions are disconnected in step 2) 

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