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How do I start a charge?

Just plug in! You may have to push harder than you’re used to in order to make a good connection.

How do I pay?

Record your household, the date, and the number of kWh consumed on this form.

You’ll be assessed on your HOA bill. To get the number of kWh consumed, see the next question.

How do I know how many kWh my car consumed?

When you’re done charging, look at the display on the charging station. There are two lines of information. The bottom line is the interesting one; it changes every few seconds and reports various pieces of information. One of the displays is “Energy” which is the amount of kWh delivered in the last charge. That’s your number! In the example photo, 30.0 kWh have been delivered.


What do I do with the plug when I'm done charging?

Either return it to the holster on the post, or leave it dangling with the protective cap on

Do not leave it dangling with the protective cap off as this will expose the metal pins to the weather and reduce the life of the plug.

How long will it take to charge my car?

Typically, at least one hour and not more than six. It varies based on the size of your battery, how depleted it is, and how fast it’s willing to accept electricity from the station.

What kind of charger do we have?

We have a 48A level 2 charger made in North Carolina by OpenEVSE. At its theoretical maximum, it can deliver 12 kW. The actual rate will typically be less.

Can I charge from solar?

This is a common question that unfortunately doesn’t make sense in the real world. EVs and solar panels are both beneficial; they are not more beneficial when combined. Just enjoy your EV and don’t worry about whether or not there are solar panels nearby. If you want more details about this, ask Philip.

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