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Listserv (

About the Listserv (

Our listserv is hosted by and provides all  members emails as well as calendar, file and photo storage, and Wiki pages.

For information regarding how to manage groups or subgroups you may visit their help center.


Access your account

If you need to access your listserv profile, open a browser to the site and login. From there click on your name in the top right-hand corner to access your profile/account and modify your email and other preferences.

Difference between and the Website

We use this website and the tools from in tandem to deliver information to Pacificans. Whether it be emails or calendar events via or provide signup sheets for laundry, playroom on the website, both are needed to effectively manage our needs. But there are differences to be aware of. contains all of the documents, photos, meeting minutes, messages, calendar events, along with everything that was migrated from the now defunct Yahoo groups. Once you log in you may search for that data.

From this website, you can perform a variety of tasks including reserve facilities, record your community labor, or view committee mandates. 

Join the Pacifica mailing list

Pacifica residents are provided an account to the  listserv. 
If you do not have one, email the Orientation team.

You can also send an email to subscribe directly to the listserv.

Troubleshooting message delivery

If you receive an email response from the listserv that your messages aren’t being delivered, email the Orientation team to send you an Unbounce email from the listserv.

Once you receive that email, just follow instructions –usually just clicking a link– to get your email back on track.

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