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Common House

About the Common House

The Common House uses a lock key with a code. Open it with the code. Please do not share the code with non-Pacificans.

The doors are checked and locked nightly.

If you’re interested in renting / using the Common House, please read the Policies and Procedures here

Kitchen walk-in closet

Access to the kitchen walk-in closet is via a lock key. Open it with the code. Please do not share the code with non-Pacificans. Our valuable items are located here. 


The playroom is open for Pacificans of all ages to enjoy. It can be accessed through the main common house or through its own keypad-locked door. Turn on the air purifier during use so we can limit germ swapping, and try to pick up after you’ve had your fun. Please do not make donations without asking the parents subcommittee first.

Borrowing from the kitchen

There is a sign-out sheet for kitchen equipment and other items (e.g., chairs), which can be found on the central counter in the kitchen. Fill out your name, house number, the date you borrowed the item, and the date it was returned.

If you are borrowing a staple (like sugar,salt…) please check to see if there a community meal planned in the next couple of days. Any borrowed items should be replenished several days in advance of a meal, since cooks may check to see if they need to purchase more staples for meal preparation. 

Making donations to the Common House

Do not drop donations off into the kitchen, playroom or common areas without first checking with the relevant groups.

Donating to Kitchen? Contact Kat McDivitt

Donating to Common House

Donating to Playroom?

Donating to Guest House?

Donating tools?

Common House etiquette

Pets are not allowed in the Common House spaces with the exception of service animals.

You may not smoke in any common facilities. If you or your guests smoke outside please dispose of cigarette butts properly (not on the ground and not in trash cans).

Please notify the Common House team if you find breakage or something missing from the Kitchen.

Personal items may not be stored in the Common House or Kitchen.

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