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About Committees

Committees at Pacifica are the most direct method of accomplishing the communities’ goals as well as getting labor hours.

Consider joining a committee! Visit the Committees page and review the group details. Click the JOIN button to become a part of that group.

Purchasing for a committee

If your committee needs to purchase items follow the guidelines below.

Is there an invoice?
Email invoices to the treasurer to pay online or by check. If you can’t email it, put it in the treasurer’s mail cubby using the
Payment to Outside Vendor form here or found in the mail room.

Is it something that you buy online?
Ask the treasurer for the Pacifica credit card or email the treasurer a link to what you want to buy.

Is it something that you buy in a store?
Ask the treasurer for the Pacifica credit card

Did you buy it already?
Submit a reimbursement request by email or using the paper form in the mail room and attaching a receipt.

Reimbursement requests are handled by Terry and should be placed in his mail cubby.

Getting committee support

Committees are supported by the Committee support team. This group meets regularly and any issues or questions may go directly to them.

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